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Black bean brownie balls

If you’re not an avid Pinterest user, the combination of black beans (a legume) and chocolate (usually a dessert) might seem kind of weird. Well, if you’re not overly experimental in the kitchen, the whole idea of legumes in desserts probably sounds like a strange one. But just trust me on this one. The whole dessert food category has had a bit of a makeover in recent times. Recipes filled with butter, sugar and/or flour were once the staple of an after-dinner meal. But that’s no longer the case. Desserts with benefits Thanks to the development of healthy ingredient swaps,…

Chocolate chickpea cookies

Do you ever have one of those days when you just really need a cookie? Not want, need. Nothing will fill the void. No matter how many pieces of fruit or roasted nuts you have, the craving remains. It might not be a cookie for you. Maybe chocolate, ice cream, chips and/or cheese is your vice. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve felt a strong food craving for it before. It’s usually a bit of sign that you’re depriving yourself a little too hard. It’s human nature to want something 100 times more when you’re told you can’t have it.…