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Cheese and spinach stuffed chicken in sauce

Do you ever get home from work/school/university and think to yourself, “I just really can’t be f**ked to cook”? Don’t get me wrong, most days I LOVE being in the kitchen. I even have a set of speakers in my kitchen for cooking time. I usually put on some music or a podcast when I prepare my deliciously healthy meals. I can (and often do) spend hours in there. Other days, I can’t think of anything worse. Like at the moment, it’s the middle of summer in Sydney. For the last few days, I’ve just been ducking into the kitchen…

Pumpkin, pepita and feta salad

Last week I wrote about the unhealthy meals that sustained me through my first year of university (and my first year of living out of home) that resulted in me gaining a whole lot of weight and losing a whole lot of self-confidence. This week I have another recipe for you that sustained me throughout a year of university. This salad was my go-to meal prep recipe and helped me to lose a substantial amount of weight, and ultimately change my lifestyle for the better – all on a uni student’s budget (that’s not much you guys). On a Sunday…