This is why you should have a Meatless Monday

meatless mondayWhat is Meatless Monday?

I’m sure you’ve heard about Meatless Monday. But in case you haven’t, Meatless Monday is an international movement for people to go vegetarian on Mondays to help their health and the health of the planet. That’s just one day a week. That leaves six whole other days you CAN eat meat. It’s just that simple.

Benefits of Meatless Monday

This clever initiative can benefit your health by:

  • reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke
  • improving the nutritional quality of your diet
  • limiting obesity risk
  • and best of all, by saving money on the grocery bill. 

Meatless Monday can also help our planet by:

  • minimising water usage in farming practices
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • and reducing fossil fuel dependence. 

And the price for all these wonderful, healthy, feel-good benefits? Once a week, cut the meat.

 Why Meatless Monday?

Although I do post some vegetarian recipes and alternatives, I’m as omnivorous as they come. But I do acknowledge that meat should be respected, limited and savoured, not eaten as budget cuts three times a day. People in the Western World eat far more meat than they need to. As a result of this massive demand, the quality of meat sold today has plummeted. 

Modern farming and food processing can produce a meat product that is almost as unnatural as cheese in a can, and our bodies know it. Unfortunately, when you buy meat on sale in a perfectly proportioned plastic container from a chain grocery store, you really have no idea what the quality of that protein is. You have no idea what that animal was fed, what that meat has been washed with or even how old it is. That’s a bit of a scary thought. 

Once upon a time, meat was an expensive and somewhat special part of the diet. It wasn’t eaten nearly as frequently as it is now. But cheap and easy access to meat as a food source has led many to forget that this food product was once a living, breathing animal. But let’s be honest, a steak tastes better than a carrot, and for most people, that steak is now more affordable than ever. But as usual, you get what you pay for. 

let’s be honest, a steak tastes better than a carrot, and for most people, that steak is now more affordable than ever. But as usual, you get what you pay for. 

But enough conspiracy theories. Here’s why Meatless Monday is a perfect fit for just about everyone:

meatless monday


Meatless Monday for your health

You might be thinking, that’s all well and good for the planet, but what does the science say?

When it comes to international patterns of health, the increasing over consumption of poor-quality protein is one of the factors contributing to:

And if that’s not enough, this review found that low meat consumption increases life expectancy in humans. With high-protein diet advocates popping up everywhere and the Paleo craze, it can be easy to forget that basically every ounce of scientific information regarding health and nutrition suggests LIMITING meat intake for optimal health. Meatless Monday is the perfect way to start. 


So if you’re looking for an easy way to help your health and the environment, make your next Monday Meatless. This simple initiative is:

  • good for your health
  • even better for the planet
  • super-duper simple 
  • filled with delicious vegetarian possibilities. 

To get started, you can find a round-up of my easy (and surprisingly yummy) vegetarian recipes here


This post wasn’t secretly commissioned by Green Peace, nor will I make any financial profit from my readers eating more vegetarian meals. This is simply a cause I’m passionate about, and one that can be just as beneficial for our individual health as it can be for the planet. 

Let’s chat below: do you actively try to limit your meat intake?