17 healthy desserts that contain legumes

Are you a fan of healthy desserts? These healthy dessert recipes ideas all contain legumes. It's a great way to sneak some extra veggies, fibre and healthy carbohydrates in some delicious, meal prep friendly treats.

I’ve always been the type of person that has room for dessert, no matter how full and bursting I already am with food. Before I got interested in health and nutrition, I’d often have dessert instead of dinner. Because, you know, why waste room on vegetables….

These days I’m a little more health focused, but I’ve still got that same sweet tooth. That’s why I try my hardest to create dessert recipes with benefits. The more nutritious, the better!

If you’ve come across Sarah in Shape before, you’re probably aware that we’re ALL about those healthy desserts and treats. Healthier desserts are one of my favourite things in life. I love throwing random whole ingredients into the food processor or mixing bowl and seeing what kind of deliciousness develops.

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a combination of healthy ingredients that blows your taste buds (and then running to your MacBook to quickly tell your readers, of course). And with recipes as nutritious as these bad boys, I don’t feel nearly as guilty about skipping dinner for dessert 😉

1. 8-ingredient chocolate chickpea cookies 

^^^Click for the recipe link. 

Double chocolate, none of the naughty stuff and all of the nutrients. 

healthy desserts
via sarahinshape.com

2. Raw cookie dough  

You know, in case you don’t want to wait for the cookie dough to bake. 

healthy desserts
via Yummy Healthy Easy

3. Grain-free dark chocolate muffins

These babies are much more nutritious than the muffins you pick up alongside your coffee.  

healthy desserts
via Beach Body on Demand

4. No-cook peanut butter fudge 

Complex carbs and healthy fats, hello satiation! 

Healthy dessert
via Eat Healthy Eat Happy

5. Fibre-filled black bean brownies

black bean brownies
via Sarah in Shape

6. Chocolate lentil brownies

Brownie craving and you’ve got no chickpeas in the cupboard? Try lentils instead!

Healthy desserts
via Mind Body Green

7. Kidney bean brownies 

Just in case you get sick of chickpea and/or lentil brownies (unlikely). 

healthy desserts
via Carly Rowena

8. Chickpea blondies 

Try not to lick the bowl, I dare you. 

healthy desserts
via Joy Food Sunshine

9. Nicecream Sandwiches 

The right amount of biscuit and ice cream. Oh, and nutrients. 

Healthy desserts
via Further Food

10. No-bake lentil cookies

Lentils aren’t just for dahl, you know. 

healthy desserts
via The Recipe Rebel

11. Chocolate-covered raw brownie balls

There’s no room for guilt with this delicious chocolate recipe. 

black bean brownie
via Sarah in Shape

12. Aquafaba (chickpea brine) chocolate mouse

healthy dessert
via Mouth Watering Vegan

13. Lemon Cannellini Bean Cake

White refined flour or cannellini beans? You’ll never taste the difference. 

Heathy dessert
via Food 52

14. Chocolate orange black bean mouse 

healthy desserts
via Wrapped in Newspaper

15. Red bean ice cream

Legumes in ice cream, what will they think of next?

via Food 52

16. Lava cakes 

Melting chocolate goodness without grains or refined sugar. 

healthy desserts
via The Healthy Maven

17. Chocolate dessert hummus

Normal hummus is amazing. But this chocolate brownie batter dessert hummus is next level. 

via A Virtual Vegan

Let’s chat below! Have you ever tried a dessert with legumes in it? What’s your all-time favourite healthy dessert?

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