Creamy and crunchy green smoothie bowl

This green smoothie bowl is heavenly creamy and deliciously crunchy. It's even perfect for meal prep!

Green seems to be super on-trend at the moment. There’s green pasta, green tea, green protein powder, green pizza bases. Heck, they’ve even made green juice! Psychologically, we’re programmed to think that something is automatically healthy just because it’s green.

I mean trees are green and kale is green so if food is green, it’s got to be healthy right? Not necessarily…

A few weeks ago I did a massive Instagram story rant about how much sugar is in store-bought green juice. At the grocery store, I recorded the amounts of sugar (not healthy carbohydrates, just sugar) in a number of popular green juice brands.

I was mortified.

So mortified that I quickly posted a collage of the amounts of sugar to Instagram in a bid to warn people.

Yes, I understand this sugar is naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables used to make the juice. There’s also a decent amount of vitamins and minerals in these bottles.

BUT I daresay if you ask most people who buy these bottles of green juice whether they know they’re consuming the same amount of sugar as a can of Coke, they’d say no.

Meanwhile, juicing removes the majority of the healthy dietary fibre that makes fruits and vegetables so wonderful for our bodies (and bowel movements). The large amount of sugar and lack of dietary fibre, protein and fat in these green juices is a surefire way to high blood glucose levels – especially if you drink it alone.

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So how can you get your greens in liquid form without crazily spiking blood sugar?

Green smoothies!

Similar to green juice, green smoothies are all about conveniently getting copious amounts of goodness in a drinkable fashion. But they have plenty more benefits, including:

  • Using the whole fruit (or vegetable) means you’re getting dietary fibre
  • Fewer fruits and vegetables used = less sugar
  • Can add protein and healthy fats which lower blood sugar spikes

The best part about green smoothies is you can have them in the form of smoothie bowls with delicious toppings such as nuts, coconut, yoghurt and fresh fruit.

After you’re done drooling over the thought of this bowl of deliciousness (and its bonus nutrients), try this healthy frozen green smoothie bowl.

Creamy and Crunchy Green Smoothie Bowl
Serves 1
A nicecream-like green smoothie bowl that's perfect for summer. Experiment with your favourite toppings for the right about of creaminess and crunch.
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 banana, frozen
  2. 1 zucchini
  3. 1 handful baby spinach
  4. 2 tspn honey
  5. 5 ice cubes
  6. Optional toppings pictured: kiwi fruit, pepitas, coconut flakes, passionfruit
  1. Place your desired serving bowl in the freezer.
  2. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  3. Place smoothie in bowl.
  4. Top with desired toppings.
  1. To meal prep: roughly chop banana and zucchini and place in a ziplock bag, topped with baby spinach. Freeze. Make smoothie as per recipe with frozen ingredients.
Sarah in Shape
Let’s chat below! Did you automatically think green juice was a healthy beverage choice? Are you a green smoothie fan?

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