19 dinner meal prep recipes that take 60 minutes or less

These healthy dinner meal prep recipe ideas will be ready in less than hour, perfect for a Sunday meal prep session.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a solid meal prep routine has the power to change lives. How do I know that? It’s changed mine.

The reason meal prep is so effective for transforming lifestyles for the better is because it saves the most important thing of all – time.

Time is a finite resource. The biggest reason people find themselves making unhealthy choices is usually due to a lack of time.

But meal prep can change all of that.

Dinner is a sticking point for plenty of us. After a long (possibly stressful) day, the last thing you usually feel like doing it cutting up salad, roasting veggies and creating a sauce from scratch.

It’s much easier to buy something in a box that’ll be done in a few minutes. Or possibly even worse from your health if you make it a habit – buying takeaway food.

It’s just far too easy to do.

But meal prep can change all of that. With delicious, satisfying and healthy meals like these dinner meal prep recipes, you can have food waiting for you for the whole week in less than 60 minutes.

I like to cook two on a Sunday and alternate them throughout the week. That way you don’t get sick of them. They’re also perfect for reheating at work the next day!

1. Sweet potato crusted quiche 

sweet potato crusted quiche
via Sarah in Shape

2. One Pan Fajita Chicken and Veggies

via The Recipe Critic

3. Mexican-style vegetarian stuffed zucchinis

easy meal prep
via Sarah in Shape

4. Skinny shrimp piccata with zoodles

via Iowa Girl Eats

5. Low-carb creamy carbonara

meal prep recipes
via Sarah in Shape

6. Rainbow chickpea Buddha bowl

buddha bowl
via Sarah in Shape

7. Easy Chicken Burrito Meal Prep Bowls

via My Food Story

8. Cauliflower fried rice

via Sarah in Shape

9. Healthy easy cheesy meatballs

via Sarah in Shape

10. Salmon with sweet potato and broccolini 

via Little Spice Jar

11. Pumpkin, pepita and feta salad

via Sarah in Shape

12. Beef snow pea skillet 

via Nutmeg Nanny

13. Easy roasted meal prep bowls

via Lean, Clean and Brie

14. One pan Italian sausage and veggies 

via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

15. Bbq couscous bowl with tofu

via Elephantastic Vegan

16. Creamy cauliflower chicken risotto

healthy risotto
via Sarah in Shape

17. Spicy black bean bowls 

via This Savory Vegan

18. Grilled lemon chicken salad 

via Cafe Delites

19. Vegetable and feta quinoa bake 

via Ciao Veggie

Let’s chat below! Have you discovered the magic of meal prep yet? What’s your favourite meal to prep?

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